Don't let next year's June Bugs destroy your lawn today.

Grub Worm Preventative

Next Door Know-How Aug 06, 2016 1 Comment

By David Bendele


Don’t miss this chance to save your lawn from grubs!

Every lawn has a certain amount of grubs. The question is, “Do I have an infestation?” If you had grub damage in the past, you are more susceptible to having it again. Like most insect problems, it continues from year to year and progressively gets worse.

If you are on the full program, then you have Grub Curative treatments available. While these services can help curb grub damage, they do not work to prevent the grubs that will arrive next year (or the year after) from destroying your grass. Grubs continue their damage even after your lawn has gone dormant and cannot be detected until the following Spring when the lawn comes out of dormancy. A Grub Preventative treatment is an additional service which prevents grubs from doing any damage to your lawn now and works to prevent damage in the future.

This service comes with a full guarantee — You will not have grub damage, and if you do we will fix it at no cost to you.

Call today to schedule an appointment and we can apply an insecticide which will target grubs at their most vulnerable stage, when they first hatch. By using a highly targeted product, grubs will be dying as soon as they take their first bite – keeping your lawn and your earthworms happy and healthy.


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Many of my customers already take advantage of this narrow time period to get a Grub Preventative Treatment and It’s still not too late! Contact us today at 972-840-8899. If we can help you, please call or send us an email to schedule your treatment today.