An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Grub Worm Control

Few other pests can do as much damage to your lawn as quickly as grubs. In most cases, by the time you notice the damage, it’s too little too late as these ever-hungry insects have already done their worst.

What Are Grubs

Grub worms are lawn killers

Grubs are the l larvae stage of several beetles which include May and June Beetles and Mask Chafer Beetle. These insects each have their own flights and mating seasons and shortly after the eggs are laid, they hatch. The early larvae stage is when grubs are most voracious and do the most damage. Unfortunately when these areas are finally revealed, irreparable damage has occurred.

A Vicious Cycle

Grub damage can be easily mistaken for other issues

If you had grubs in the past, you are more likely to have them again. To prevent grubs from causing major damage to your lawn, consider a Grub Preventative application. This once annual treatment is applied during the months of June and July and is guaranteed to control grub infestation for an entire season. If you find more than four grubs per sq. ft. you have an infestation problem. Once the grub population reaches this size, your lawn will be significantly damaged and may have to be completely resodded, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Environmentally Friendly

The product we use to prevent grub infestation is a systemic insecticide and only kills insects which feed on your grass. Curative applications must be repeated more often, at higher rates, are less selective, and can kill beneficial insects when used. Preventative Grub applications do not even harm the earthworms.

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