Lawn aeration is one of the best things you can do for your lawn.

Lawn Aeration

Here in Dallas and the surrounding DFW Metroplex, we have hard soil with a very high clay content. This causes your lawn to get harder and more compacted near the surface of the turf. This is called soil compaction and can only be fixed with lawn aeration. Soil compaction is caused by ordinary occurrences such as people/pet traffic, lawn maintenance, rain, and other common weather conditions. It can cause several problems such as water runoff, disease activity, limited air exchange, and increased weed populations. In short, a compacted lawn is an unhealthy lawn.

How Lawn Aeration Helps Soil Compaction

Lawn aeration is a labor intensive process where a lawn technician will use a machine called an aerator to extract thousands of soil cores from below the turf with several sharp hollow tines and deposits them onto the lawn. These cores dissolve quickly and disperses nutrients back into the lawn where it is used again. Core Aeration loosens the soil and allows precious air, water, and nutrients to flow into the root zone of your lawn where it is used to make you lawn grow thicker and healthier.

The air, water, and nutrients flows deeper into the soil, so the roots go deeper and your lawn grows taller and thicker. We recommend aerating your lawn at least once annually during the Spring or Summer.

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The Benefits

  • Stimulates Root Growth
  • Encourages New, Thicker Lawn Growth
  • Reduces Soil Compaction
  • Reduces Irrigation Runoff
  • Reduces Disease Activity
  • Increased Product Utilization

Will Lawn Aeration Ruin My Sprinkler System?

We hear it all the time – “What about my sprinkler system?” If you have a sprinkler system, don’t worry. There is no need to flag your heads. Our team members are professionals and rarely break sprinkler heads, but if we do we will repair it at our cost.

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