Lawn Aeration Can Make a Good Lawn Great

Next Door Know-How Jun 06, 2017 Comments Off on Lawn Aeration Can Make a Good Lawn Great

By David Bendele


Don’t let your lawn suffocate!

Does your lawn seem thin no matter how much fertilizer is put down? If you’re not aerating, your lawn might be suffocating from a lack of air and nutrients. Breathe life into your roots with core aeration!

Here in Dallas and the surrounding DFW Metroplex, we have hard soil with a very high clay content. This causes your lawn to get harder and more compacted near the surface of the turf. This is called soil compaction and can only be fixed with lawn aeration.

The air, water, and nutrients flows deeper into the soil, so the roots go deeper and your lawn grows taller and thicker. When combined with our GUARANTEED weed control and fertilization, it’s the perfect recipe for your lawn to go from good to great!

Have a sprinkler system? Don’t worry – our team members are professionals and rarely break sprinkler heads, but if we do, we will repair it at our cost.

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