Act Now to Keep Fire Ants Away All Year Long

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By David Bendele

With this year’s early warm weather, ants have been especially active. Without the cold to keep them underground, we’ve been seeing a lot more activity from these unwelcome guests. Now is the time to consider applying our 6 month Fire Ant Program! Hundreds of my customers have already tried this service in past years and have gotten year round control with just one application.

Guaranteed Coverage When it Counts

By doing an application during the month of March, April, or May, you will have 6 months of guaranteed Fire Ants control during the warmest months of the year, when they are up and about foraging for food and stinging you. Instead of purchasing a one year program or two six month programs, you can get a full year of control with one 6 month guaranteed service, but only if you get this service soon. One six month guaranteed service will last until September or October, depending on when your service in scheduled. If you see a Fire Ant mound during this time, we will return and reapply as needed at no charge. When the temperatures go down, so will the fire ants and then you won’t see them until next spring.

The Multi-purpose Plan

This service doesn’t just control fire ants it also controls a whole host of other ants and insects. Many fire ant products kill fire ant and nothing else which generally leaves a vacuum for other ant species to fill. Essentially you are substituting one pest for another. Also by generally reducing the insect population on the outside of your home you should reduce the population of insects and the critters that feed on them.

Call Today

Many of my customers already take advantage of this narrow time period to get a Fire Ant Treatment and save some money  at 972-840-8899. If we can help you, please call or send us an email to schedule your six month fire control today.
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